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Paul Baxter
McMurray, PA


Brief history:

Attended Yale University, but took an extra year to get out due to a last-minute change of major.

Attended Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute for my MSEE.

Worked at Eastman Kodak for 3 years. At the time I was told I’d be sent to Leavenworth if I told anyone I was designing test equipment for spy satellites. Woops.

Worked 3 years at Fiduciary Trust Company in New York, and found myself totally unsuited for that kind of work. I’m told I partied very well. I met and married my first wife then. After I left, Fiduciary Trust Company moved to the 96th floor of the World Trade Center.

Worked as an engineer from 1973 through 1993 at various places, ending in Pittsburgh, where a son Colin and a daughter Kathryn grew up. Neither has informed me of any grandchildren. I moved on to wife #2, to whom I am blissfully married now.

Wife #2 wanted to move back to her home town, Knoxville, Tennessee. We lived there for 12 years, enjoying camping in the Smoky Mountains, and I worked for a computer consulting company doing software development. Upon the arrival of Nancy’s 2nd grandson we moved back to Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh.

The Great Conservative Recession has required me to keep working longer than planned. Hope I live to retire.



















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