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Welcome to Penfield Class of 1960!


This site is dedicated to all 150 members of our class and provides a great meeting place for all of us to stay in touch. Here we can share the experiences of both our past and present. What really will make this site thrive is your participation, since the site is actually your site and is owned by all of us. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit. Here's a sampling of what's inside.

Please note, there's a brand new page, What's New, check here for the latest updates and additions.

Then and Now

Here we are, then and now. This is where you will find up-to-date photos and reports of just what's going on with you and your Chiefs classmates - plus you get all the latest email addresses and newest hometown information. It's a treasure trove of just who we are today, and what we've been up to for all these years! Speaking of treasures, here's our class Vice President himself, Nelson Carman, as if we all didn't know.

Special Friends


Only one person comes to mind, when any of us says "Coach," George Steitz. He has been a special friend to our class for too many years to count. Here's where you'll find, just what he and our other friends who weren't in our exact class are doing, and how the years have graced their appearance with the subtle love of time well spent.


Whether it's the mini-reunion held in summer of '06 shown here or news of an upcoming get-together large or small, all the info and select photos will be found right here. Hey, do you recognize any of these folks?


Cool Links

Here's your resource center for exploring the worldwide web courtesy of your fellow classmates' discoveries. Sites they've found interesting, you might too. Highlighted here is a goodie featuring a free Jukebox of great hits from 1956 through 1960. They're quick downloads, all legal, and tunes hard to find anywhere else. Get ready to rock!



Now you can post an entry directly to the Guestbook in real time. The Guestbook is often the most visited page on the website. Enjoy!
an alan packard website

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