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Nelson Carman
27 Raymond Rd., Penfield, NY 14526


I'm local again - wasn't in the script - dad's death and nothing to hold me really in Boston. Penfield became home again April 2001.
Community involvement built swiftly; Rotary, Penfield History room, my father's 17 piece swing band, the hiking trails committee board, and the Heritage Park Bicentennial planning for 2010 (our 50th reunion!?).

Ironically, the opportunity to continue sports officiating and specifically umpiring helped continue my longest career for pay, since 1958.
My ever burgeoning interests, primarily ranging between history and the sciences, got jump started here in the post sputnik PHS "curricucraze," further fueled at Dartmouth College during the "ANIMAL HOUSE" habitat (yes, I know all their real names and what became of them) and managed somehow the degree on time, and in 1964 hit the Vietnam era high seas as Navy officer, to oblige who helped pay for Ivy tuition.

G.I. bill earned, the adventure call of Colorado (it never leaves) and Denver U. for teaching certification, leading to various stops about the Rockies teaching, coaching, and community theatre. A brief marriage and a field construction offer in the ever changing telecom industry consumed me from 1981 thru 2001 in the NYC- Boston axis.

Two totally random classmate encounters burn bright in recall:
Summer 1964 bumping into Jimmy Clark in the hub of "the City," - Times Square subway transfer - having a one minute rapid catch up on things.
June 1979 as grille man serving lunch to Jack Bishop on a Dillon, CO deck, he putting the final pieces together of his soon to come real estate development explosion.

Thank you to longtime (1951) friend Al Packard for the design allure, and Dick for persevering for its function and use, and for making reunion opportunities come forth. We (locals) are planning an all class "THE CHIEFS ARE BACK" reunion theme for 9/22/07, - more soon on that!

Finally, one true thing for all the ties that may serve to bind:
"He who makes a beast of himself, forfeits the pain of being a man." Samuel Johnson

Ciao for now, nels carman'60




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