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Alan Dailey
Rochester, NY


I am still in Rochester but it was by way of Michigan State and some 25 years in NYC and Chicago. I spent most of my life in marketing in the consumer products industry and moved back to Rochester in 1986 when I took a position with Bausch and Lomb. I was married in 2000 to Sue and in the process inherited 4 adult kids and 5 grandchildren (they have become 9) and she got an 11 year old (Mac) in the deal. He is now 20, attends the Borough of Manhattan CC and hopefully on to Hunter College in 2010. When Sue and I married we had an opportunity to purchase my parents home on Landing Park. What a hoot it is living in the old neighborhood as an adult.

The big change in my life was making the decision to go back to school in 1998. I got a Masters from Colgate Rochester Divinity School, was ordained in 2006 and am currently serving as the pastor of a United Church of Christ Church (UCC) in Riga, which is about 20 miles west of the Rochester near Churchville. Check out our website and you can find pictures and some of my messages from the Pastor's page. We are just having a great time out there and when folks ask when I'm planning on retiring, I just tell them this is it! Seriously as long as I have the energy I'd love to keep it up for five to ten more years. Worship is at 10:00AM and we’d love to see any of you who might be up for a road trip and venture out some Sunday.

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