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Joyce Houseworth - Lindskoog
Penfield, NY


I have had a lot of different jobs since graduation but none for more than three years except being a mother. I had one semester at Geneseo, and then quit. That earned me a phone call from Miss Joint wondering in no uncertain terms why. Simply, I was more interested in Ed than I was being a teacher.

Went to work for Strong Hospital as a histology technician and earned my registry in 1963. What I did was make microscope slides out of tissue for the diagnosis of diseases. I also have been an admission secretary for National Institute for the Deaf at RIT, a Courier, a cashier, a weight loss counselor, a research histology technician and a business owner and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. In the midst of all that I earned my associates in
accounting from Monroe Community college and my bachelors from Nazareth.

Ed and I have just celebrated forty-eight years of marriage. We have been blessed with two sons and four grandchildren. We are both now retired and are enjoying the grandkids and their activities, which are a lot more numerous than we had in school. I enjoy water, all kinds.

During the day my address is the swimming pool at East side YMCA where I am a lap swimmer. I usually try to do between a mile and two miles each time I swim. Now don't get me wrong, I do it but don't ask me how long it takes. It's kind of neat to have an eighteen year old life guard and an EMT who is your grandson.

Ed and I have a cottage at Keuka Lake where I now have a kayak and travel the shoreline talking to whoever is out there.

My motto is I will do as much as I want as long as I can as long as I want with the strength the Lord my God gives me.

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