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Bob Korts
MaryVille, TN


After graduating in June 1960 I went off to Marietta College in Marietta Ohio. After two years I transferred to Alfred Tech and graduated in March 1964 with a degree in Air Conditioning. I went to work for my father who had a small wholesale company in Rochester. When I got home after my first year at Marietta I met Mary Jane Johnson, class of 61. We dated until I graduated from Alfred and were married in August 1964. We moved to Victor NY in 1967 and adopted a baby boy, David in May 1969. Not all things are forever and we divorced in 1972. At about this same time my father had a major heart attack and I took over the business. I was very lucky and built the business up over the years and sold part of it in 1993 to a competitor from Buffalo.

After my divorce I stayed in Victor until 1981 when I met and married my wife Janet. We moved into a new house that we built on the Welkley Dairy property on Penfield Rd. opposite Woodcrest Dr. Janet arrived with three children, two in college and one in Jr. High. When I took Sharon to school for the first day I introduced her to her homeroom teacher, Phil Osterling, who I had for homeroom twenty-six years earlier. Sharon went on to major in track and still holds a Section Five record she set for the 800 in 1986.

In 1997 we built a new home in South Bristol on Canandaigua Lake and commuted into Rochester for the next three years until I sold off the rest of the business to one of my employees and retired. My wife Janet had started a law firm in 1996 and continued to work until 2006. After her retirement we took a trip to visit a friend in Tennessee and then on to visit friends in Florida. We fell in love with Tennessee and while there bought land on one of the TVA lakes, about thirty miles south of Knoxville and moved there in October of 06. Sold that lot and bought a finished house in early 2007 and just love living in the land of no taxes. We get to do a lot of boating and can be in the Gulf of Mexico in ten days. We live on Tellico Lake and keep our boats in a marina that is about a mile away. We still have our house on Canandaigua Lake and spend July and August here where we get to see our kids and families. We also come back for about two weeks at Christmas. I look forward to seeing many of my classmates at the reunion.

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