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Nancy Kretchman - GOLDEN
Evergreen, CO


The “Last Fifty Years”? Wow!! It’s been amazing.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with an Art major, I returned home, where I worked as an airport ticket agent for American Airlines. This is where I met John who was being transferred to Rochester. We were married in ’67.

By late ’68 we had a darling baby girl, Nancy, and John was transferred back to NYC. Commuting 5 hours a day on the Long Island Railroad got old quickly, sooo…. after a thoughtful “survey” of places where we’d like to live (into the ripe old age of 50-60 and beyond, ha) we were off to a new start in mile high…Denver.

Our son, Sean, was born in ’71 and a year later we had built a home in the foothills and moved to Evergreen. By ’78 we had added another girl, Kerry, and son, Casey (and a horse and dog) to the family. I was a “stay-at-home-Mom”, enjoying a multitude of activities that the four children became involved with.

My desire to get back into some art work led me (along with son, Sean) to take a Wildlife Sculpting class at the Art Student League of Denver. That was 19 years ago and I’m still at it, working in clay and with some of my favorite pieces, casting into bronze.

My largest commission (thanks to John, who submitted my application while I was visiting my Mom in Arizona) has been a composition of 5 life size bronze sculptures. (A “mythical foresome”..Old Tom Morris…Babe D. Ziharias…Bobby Jones… Ben Hogan…and caddie, Eddie Lowrey) for a new golf course in Aurora, CO (See below).

Along the way John and I have been fortunate to have traveled to many countries…but always appreciated returning home. Our four children and six grandchildren…are spread from coast to coast, and are our hearts delight.

I will be looking forward to seeing you all on the DVD…sorry I will miss visiting with you in person (I will be in Portland, OR).

Hugs to all, and a really big thanks to all who have spent so much time in organizing the celebration! 50 years!!

Nancy…Kretchman Golden

Also….If any of you have connections with Non-Profit organizations, check out our son Casey’s new web-site This site, with its ability to help non-profits through social-media networking is truly a treasure!

Photo: Mythical Foresome, Murphy Creek Golf Course



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