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Pat Long - Quinzi
East Rochester, NY and Venice, FL


After graduating from Penfield High, I left for Vermont College where I took Medical Technology, and graduated, but had no real interest in working in a laboratory for the rest of my life. Then I went to Rochester Business Institute, graduated, and went to work for Xerox rewriting technical reports for the engineering department.

Still not knowing what I wanted to do, I left Rochester, and moved to the San Francisco area (Mountain View) with a couple of girlfriends from Xerox. It was a whole different life-style than my sheltered growing-up in the Brighton/Penfield area.

In 1967 Pete and I were married in Palo Alto, and took a leisurely honeymoon through Mexico. We returned to East Rochester where we bought a home and started our family.

Peter was interested in local politics, and became a trustee, vice-mayor, and served as Mayor of East Rochester for 17 years. During that time he was on the Executive Committee for New York State and we traveled throughout New York working with many communities solving various problems, which many towns and villages encounter.

During the years when our two sons were growing up, I worked with handicapped children as a Work Study Coordinator. We had a couple of taverns, and bought a mock caboose which we had a lot of fun serving breakfast and lunch for several years. Then I got involved in the travel business, and managed Abbott Travel for the next several years. During that time, we traveled to Europe, the Caribbean, and my all-time favorite, Mexico.

We are blessed with three grandchildren, and spend most of our time in Venice, Florida, since retirement. My hobbies are gourmet cooking, traveling, and spending lots of time with our family. I also love to walk the beach and swim, and watch the dolphins and manatees swim up to us. Life is good!!!

We have a trip planned to Italy this summer, and unfortunately it falls when you are having your reunion.
May God bless you all, and remember~~~every day is a gift!



























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