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Craig Nash
Ft. Myers , FL


After graduating from Penfield High School I attended Alfred Technology for a short period of time. Upon suspension from Alfred, I started in an apprenticeship program at Rochester Products Division of GM to become a Machine builder. I attended night school for several years while in my apprenticeship and after until I finally graduated from RIT. I became a Supervisor in the Toolroom shortly after my completion of my apprenticeship. During the next several years, I was promoted several times and transferred a couple of times during my 37 ½ year career at GM. I was involved with the opening of a couple of new plants and the closing of one before I finishing up as a Supervisor of Manufacturing Engineering.

I spent several years racing cars in the area and on east coast drag strips. I even spent some time with motor cycles, also. I was a member of the Rochester Street Rods for several years and I have had several hot rods and custom cars over the years. I have sold my last car, my 1956 Ford Crown Victoria that was customized which I had it for 24 years. I used to attend cruse nights and car shows, both local and some distances away. I still go to several of them with my friends. It made it into one of the car magazines a few years ago. I used to put a lot of miles on it during the nice weather here in Rochester.

I have played a lot of golf over the years and continue to play every week, usually averaging over 100 rounds a year now that I am retired. I have been a member of Penfield Country Club here in Penfield for 35 years. I also, belong to Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida, where I now reside. I spend about 7 to 8 months in Florida and most of the rest of the time here in the Rochester area.

I was married for 34 years and have 3 grandkids. The oldest is 21 and the youngest is 13. I am divorced and I am dating a very close high school friend whom I dated some back then. I stay involved with my hot rods buddies and the friends I have at Penfield Country Club when I am back in the Rochester area along with playing golf a few times a week. While in Florida I play golf 4 to 5 times a week and pretty much enjoy life.

Best regards to all Penfield grads
Craig Nash














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