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Ann Marie Wagner - Schembri
Rochester, NY


What have I done for 50 years? Good question! You are really trying to make all of us feel bad.

1. I work a full week and have since my kids have gone to school.

2. I am a hairdresser and have really always enjoyed it. I have done the same people for 50 years or almost 50. Some are gone, some are in nursing homes etc. but they are really my friends more than patrons.

3. I was married at 18 and had my first daughter at 23, and was divorced at 24. I married again at 26 and had three more children, two girls and a boy. My husband John died 7 ½ years ago. He was really loved by everyone.

4. We went on vacations every year; the islands when the kids were young, Cape Cod when they were older and trips to Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona and California. We did several cruises, all good times.

5. I love my home and work outside all summer. My grandchildren are here quite often. I have seven total, six boys and one girl.

6. I bowl every Tuesday morning at 9:30, my day off, and have for over thirty years.

7. Church is very important to my whole family. We attend Faith Lutheran Church on Browncroft Blvd.

I hope I did more than this in 50 years, but it was all good whatever it was.

Once a Chief, always a Chief! Byes the way, my children are all Chiefs.

Ann Marie Wagner Schembri










































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