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August 27, 2010

I've added an actual Guestbook replacing the earlier, not-so-functional one. Here you'll be able to post any message of your choosing in real time. It's easy and this feature often becomes the most visited page on a website.

A new Multi-Media Gallery is now up as well. Here you'll be able to view photos of classmates. First up will be a collection of shots from our recent reunion, but there's more coming including music by Johnny Carpenter, yours truly, Nelson Carman's sister Lisa and more. You can submit photos or music for possible inclusion by emailing them to Dick Groth.

And here's a link to my other brand new site, PenfieldChiefs 1961, it features its own MultiMedia Gallery1961 that includes some great photos of Penfield as well as several postings of Penfielders' original music. There's also lots of great links to other Penfield websites and much more, take a look.




an alan packard website

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